Welcome to the City of Atlanta Online Alcohol License Renewal site. This service allows you to submit your alcohol renewal application and report gross alcohol sales revenue for the prior year, if applicable to your account type.


To be eligible to renew alcohol account online, you must meet the following criteria:
  • Your account must be active with a valid business tax number and pin number.
  • Your alcohol account financial status must be current and not delinquent.
  • The owners and/or principals of your business must be the same as those originally reported to the City of Atlanta through a tax application or a change form.
  • The location of your business must be the same as originally reported to the City of Atlanta. Any changes to the physical location require Zoning approval.
  • The legal entity/legal name holding the business tax certificate must be the same as originally reported to the City of Atlanta.
  • If there are any changes to the information provided in original application other than business or residence phone, please contact Atlanta Police Department License and Permits at 404-546-4470.


  • Enter your Business Tax Number.
  • Enter your PIN number that has been provided by the City of Atlanta.
  • If you do not know your PIN number, please contact Customer Service at 404.330.6270 or click Find Pin. You will need your Business Tax number and location zip code.
  • Select “Accounts List” to display the list of alcohol accounts with amounts due
  • Click view to preview each alcohol renewal application
  • If no changes are needed, simply complete your gross alcohol sales revenue (applicable to retail package stores only)
  • Select “Certify” to file your renewal.
  • Print copy of renewal application form for your records.
  • The applications must be submitted by November 15. Renewals received after December 31 will be considered late and subject to fines.
  • Additional facility renewal application must be completed with main facility.
  • A copy of your submitted renewal has been forward to APD for review
  • Once the APD review is complete, you will receive an email notification of application status
  • Select “Make a Payment” to complete the renewal process

Help Desk Alcohol FAQs

  • Click here to access Help Desk Alcohol FAQs.

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